Top 10 Most Expensive Hats In The World

high cost hats in the world

In this article we will talk about top 10 most expensive hats in the world. There are different accessories which enhance the overall look of the person and also make them much more attractive. Hats are the accessory which remains in fashion in different time periods and their fashion keep on changing in the market. There is large variety of hats available in the world which is offered in different sizes and shapes to be used by the people with different outfits. The material used in making hats differ which includes fedoras, hard hats, hand knitted one and many others. The concept of hats was very old which has historical background of almost 5700 years ago.

There are different brands which are making these kinds of products for the people and the most expensive ones are made from the precious animal hide and are made in unique style which then makes their price much higher. The most famous designs of hats come with the folding of cloth and also some twirling feature in them which are in high demand by the people. Hats are available at different prices in the market for the people who wanted to adopt this fashion to look stylish and much updated to the latest trends. Most of the hats of big brands are very expensive while the normal ones are sold at cheap rates.

The following are top 10 most expensive hats in the world with their prices:

  1. Michael Jackson`s Billie Jean Fedora:

high cost hats in the world

Michael Jackson is the famous personality of the world who has worn this beautiful hat at his performance conducted at the 30th anniversary in 2001 and the estimated price of this hat was $6,320. But the most amazing thing is that it was presented for auction which made it grab the high price of $49,473 which is much higher than its actual price in 20013. It has nothing special in it but its value is much more because of the reason that Michael Jackson has worn this hat which made it more precious one.

  1. Honda Collection`s Big wing titfer cap:

high cost hats in the worldHonda is named as the popular brand top 10 most expensive hats in the world when it comes to the cars which is basically a Japanese company and is working under the license of the known Honda Big wing baseball cap. It is very simple kind of hat which is made from pure plastic which is breathable and comes with the adjustable fastener in it which easily adjusts the small and large heads. It is named as very environment friendly one which has the estimated value of $8,750.

  1. Optimo Hats Panama Straw Titfer:

high cost hats in the worldOptimo is the famous brand of Chicago which is known for manufacturing the customized hats for the men which are available in the whole world. It is currently operating two main outlets in the Windy City which offers large range of hats for the people. The hats offered by them are amazing and are fine woven straw which are made in simple design and much comfortable. It is further enhanced with the colored silk which can be used as crown and also the vintage ribbon as well which is sold at the price of $20,000.

  1. Brent Black`s Montescristi Panama Hats:

high cost hats in the worldAt seventh in the top 10 most expensive hats in the world Brent Black`s is another Panama hat which comes with the Hawaii based brent black which is known for advertising it from last 29 years old. It is the brand which was established by an individual and is now famous for its amazing hats. It is perfectly hand woven hat which consists of about 2200 weaves in per square inch of it. It took almost 3 months in the completion of this amazing hat and the estimated price of this hat is $25,000.

  1. Charlie Chaplin bowler Titfer:

high cost hats in the worldCharlie Chaplin is another famous personality of the world which is considered as the fashion icon when it comes to the trend of hats which has very influential personality. He was an amazing actor, director, writer and also producer. His wax statue is also placed in the famous Museum of Kentucky in 1936 which was then sent to the British auction conducted in 2012. The estimated value of this hat is $62,500 and his personality is always known for the trend of hat.

  1. Brent Black`s the Titfer:

high cost hats in the worldBrent Black`s is another amazing hat which took almost 3 to 4 years in the completion of single hat which were designed by Panama. This amazing hat is the result of the 20 years of research to use fine material for its making. It is made in jet black color which has very less weight which is equal to paper. It is very stylish and different kind of hat which is woven by using the perfect toquilla straw in its making.

  1. Princess Beatrice Royal wedding Titfer by Philip Treacy:

high cost hats in the worldPrincess Beatrice Royal wedding is the attractive hat which famous because it was worn by the Princess Beatric of New York who is basically the niece of Prince Charles and was displayed on Ebay for auction in 2011 and sold at the high price of $133,783. It is made with the design of Irishmen Philip which is made in pink color and further enhanced with small pink bow and also ribbons to enhance its look. It was also worn by the Kate Middleton in 2011 and the entire amount after selling it was given to the organization called UNNICEF to help the children.

  1. Deep Blue Sea:

high cost hats in the worldDeep Blue Sea is also includes in the top 10 most expensive hats in the world that hat which was designed and made for the Australian Ann Maree Willet which is made from the hand woven wool and also enhanced with feather which was also studded with the 26 precious gems which was sold at the high price of $890,000. It was displayed in the famous Milan Fashion Week of 2007. It is now kept at the Bonham Auction house still for selling it.

  1. Chapeau d` Amour:

high cost hats in the worldChapeau d` Amour is the hat which was designed in unique style for the debut display at the gallery of Christie in London. It was also worn by the famous Hollywood actress called Alicia Witt and the estimated value of this hat is almost $2.7 million. It is made from the pure platinum fabric which is further enhanced with the diamonds to enhance its look and price. It provides the look of a princess to the person wearing it because of its amazing design.

  1. The Pope`s Tiara:

high cost hats in the worldAt first in the top 10 most expensive hats in the world the Pope`s Tiara is the beautiful hat which was designed for the Pope as a symbol of respect, deference and also support. The practice of wearing this hat was vanished in 1975 which has the perfect description of glory and power. The estimated price of this hat is almost $10 million which is very high price. It is hat which is studded with 11 diamonds, 22 emeralds, 8 sapphires and also 540 pearls which made it luxurious hat.


Hats are used by the people during different time periods because of their changing fashion in the society. Hats are available in different designs and prices as well for the people of all classes of society. All these hats explained above are best in their own ways and their value is much higher because of the famous celebrities who have wore these hats has enhanced their value much more than the expectations of the people.