Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

Every country continuously differentiates itself with somewhat specific. As for Asian people, they are tremendously hard workers, and this is why they were intelligent to build their countries in very few years after they approximately lost the whole lot in the Second World War. Let us have a swift look at Asia in the 1910s and in the 2000s, and what a variance! In fewer than a century, things crooked upside down. Japan crooked from zero to the top of Asian tigers and our new copies that top our own list, Malaysia and Singapore, are additional story. Following the steps of Japan, they remained able to binary their GDP per capita 4 times in 50 years.

The kind of economic development that is solitary because of the Asians’ hard work has wholly changed the outline of the Asian countries. Clean streets, gorgeous homes and new schools were constructed. In addition to that, what was once an American foundation of namely, pride, having the biggest, widest, and highest bridges; lifted to be Asia’s. Let us see where these peak bridges lie explicitly in this large continent.

10 Marcelo Fernan Bridge

Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

In Metro Cebu, Cebu in the Philippines lays the Marcelo Fernan Bridge that is a cable-stayed bridge and ongoing to accept people in the year 1999. The bridge is additional than 4055 feet (1237 meters) in length and marks the Mactan Channel to join Mandaue with Mactan Island.

9 Kizuna Bridge

Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

Created in Kampong Cham district, Cambodia in the year 2001, Kizuna Bridge is erected over the Mekong River. It is now well-thought-out to be one of the elongated bridges in Cambodia with a entire length of 1500 meters. It plays a vigorous role in connecting the western and eastern Cambodia which was tremendously problematic before.

8 Candaba Viaduct Bridge

Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

In the Philippines o’er, the Candaba Viaduct Bridge is well-thought-out as the elongated bridge with a total length of 5000 meters. The bridge is 15 meters extraordinary, was inducted in 1976 and happening to obtain people the same year. It is constructed over Pampanga River and the Candaba Swamp, from which the name is resultant.

7 Benjamin Sheares Bridge

Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

Twenty meters extraordinary and 1800 meters extensive, the Benjamin Sheares Bridge is the elongated and chief bridge in Singapore. The bridge was considered by CPG Consultants and underway receiving passengers in the year 1981. The bridge got its tag from the second president of the Republic who died four months previously opening the bridge to the public.

6 Prai River Bridge

Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

The Prai River in Malaysia was invested in 2005 and won two awards for brilliance in the following year. The bridge is 1850 meters long and 27.8 meters inclusive. It is praised as one of the greatest designs made for a bridge in Malaysia.

5 Malaysia-Singapore Second Link

Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

Preserved by the Malaysian government, in 1998 the Malaysia-Singapore Second Connection was unfastened and famous by both Singapore and Malaysia. The Malaysia-Singapore Second Link is 1920 meters extended and it offers a very respectable solution to decrease the traffic mobbing from both sides.

4 San Juanico Bridge

Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

The Philippine bridge is 41 meters extraordinary and marks San Juanico Strait to attach Samar and Leyte with 2200 meters. The San Juanico Bridge was installed in 1973 and is called the lengthiest bridge in the country. In 2013, Typhoon Yolanda hit the bridge and it was somewhat worsened but luckily got repaired.

3 Rama VIII Bridge

Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

In Bangkok, Thailand, the Rama VIII Bridge is 475 meters elongated and 160 meters high. It took three years to be constructed and was called after the republic’s late King Rama VIII. The bridge is intended to carry both road movement and pedestrians.

2 Thanlwin Bridge

Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

With a entire length of 7640 meters (4.75 miles) long, Thanlwin Bridge is the lengthiest bridge in Burma as a entire. It is 28 feet wide and carries wholly heavy objects. Because the bridge attaches the city of Mottama with the metropolitan of Mawlamyaing, it is occasionally called the Mawlamyaing Bridge.

1 Penang Bridge

Top 10 Highest and Adorable Bridges in Asia

The number one on our tilt and the peak bridge in Asia lies in one of the republics that have newly become very authoritative, Malaysia. The Penang Bridge is 13.5 kilometers long and was assembled to connect Perai and Gelugor organized. After its investiture in September 1985, it was called the 2nd elongated bridge in Malaysia and the 5th elongated one in Asia.

 Some of the very creative Bridges around Asia.Hopefully you liked them.


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