Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of The World

Most Expensive Cars Of The World

In this article we will discuss about top 10 most expensive cars of the world. Top 10 most expensive cars of the world means cars which are expensive and are providing luxurious benefits to all the customers. Customers which can afford expensive car and want cars which are providing its customers also some customized features which can be added according to their desire and needs. Expensive cars cannot be afforded by everyone there is a class of society which can afford them not everyone. Expensive cars are also customized as per requirements given by its customers what features they want in their car and they can pay anything for that. There are many brands which are making expensive cars for its customers like BMW, Porsche; Mercedes etc are focusing on the demands of their customers. Some brand names are always considered as expensive as they are famous in making of best and super cars in the world. Now around the world trend of keeping expensive cars is increasing as In Dubai there is a street called JBR people only came there to show their expensive cars to public only to make their cars more visible and that street is only famous for that. As list of expensive cars changes with time due to innovations in automobile industry. Customers or people which are curious about cars they always wanted to know which are new and expensive cars with which features so this list will provide them complete information about that.

Here is the list of top 10 most expensive cars of the world, let’s take a look on them:

1. Bugatti Veyron

2. Ferrari Enzo

3. Pagani Zonda

4. Koenigsegg CCX

5. Porsche Carrera GT:

6. Mercedes SLR

7. Maybach 62

8. Rolls-Royce Phantom

9. Lamborghini Murcielago

10. Aston Martin Vanquish

10. Aston Martin Vanquish – $255,000:

Most Expensive Cars Of The World

This car was actually developed by Aston Martin in 2001 and it got more success when it was used by James Bond in Hollywood film Die another Day. Appearance in film makes it more popular as people always like what they watch in films. It is basically a semi automatic car which has a V12 engine. It was first introduced in Paris Auto show which was held in 2004. Its main quality is its powerful engine and is a 2 door car with very beautiful shape.

9. Lamborghini Murcielago – $279,900:

Most Expensive Cars Of The World

This car is also known as supercar which is made by Lamborghini itself. It was launched in 2002 and is a 2 door car with two seats designed for 2 persons only. This car was first shown in Geneva motor show in 2006. This car is best in performance and quality. It is basically a sports car and after this next model of this car was also very successful which was named as Lamborghini Aventador. Its price was also high of about $279,900 which is not easily affordable by middles class of the society. Its doors are amazing which opens upward and makes it a different car than others. Only the name of this brand make people think it’s very expensive.

8. Rolls-Royce Phantom – $320,000:

Most Expensive Cars Of The World

Rolls-Royce Phantom is very luxurious car which is designed and made by Rolls-Royce motor cars company which is very famous company all over the world and was introduced in 2003. Its body is made up of aluminum frame and can be drive at high speed because of powerful engine. It is very expensive car and many Hollywood and bolllywood celebs own this car as they can afford it. They are launching more models of this which are better in features and engine quality.

7. Maybach 62- $385,250:

Most Expensive Cars Of The World

Maybach 62 was the first model which was made by Maybach brand. This was basically originated from Mercedes-Benz Maybach the concept which they launched in Tokyo motor show in 1997. Then after that they launched a better and powerful car named as Mercedes-Benz S class. This is much more used in European countries.

6. Mercedes Slr – $455,500:

Most Expensive Cars Of The World

Mercedes SLR is basically a sports car and was made by cooperation of two companies Mclaren and Mercedes Benz. Mercedes SLR is very expensive and is a car which has many features specially its speed is unmatchable. It is a 2 door car and a very grand car. Next model after this was Mercedes-Benz SLS. Mercedes is very popular brand all over the world doesn’t need any introduction. These cars can be used for long run as they are made with good quality.

5. Porsche Carrera – $484,000:

Most Expensive Cars Of The World

This car is made by Porsche Company of Germany. Company claims that it rises in speed from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds only because of very powerful engine and full speed is about 340 which is much more than other cars. It is also name in the list of top sports cars of the world which make it more popular. It is also a 2 door car with a very high price which takes it to the list of top most expensive cars of the world. This car is very beautiful in design and shape. It is an expensive car but reasonable if one can afford it.

4. Koenigsegg Ccx -$600,910:

Most Expensive Cars Of The World

This is a latest car and CCX means Competition Coupe X. This car is mainly designed to be used in America. This car is bio fuels which are octane and gasoline which makes it better. It is also 2 door car as it is a sports car so they are always 2 door and more expensive than other cars. This car is both automatic as well as manual which make it better.

3. Pagani Zonda -$741,000:

Most Expensive Cars Of The World

It was first launched in 2005. It is made up of carbon fiber and with a powerful engine which supports high speed driving. Some of its working was done by Formula one champion. It is also 2 doors and a sports car, was assembled in Italy. This car is very expensive of about $741,000 which means only upper class and many big businessmen can afford to buy this car.

2. Ferrari Enzo -$1000, 000:

Most Expensive Cars Of The World

This is very expensive car which is a 12 cylinder car and was named on the name of company’s founder to make it different. It was also made using formula one technology specially its engine. It is also a sports car and is semi automatic. Next model of Ferrari was LaFerrari. Ferrari is very famous car found all over the world now also some countries like Pakistan Ferrari can be seen there is only affordable by the richest person as its price is very high which makes it to the top 10 expensive cars of the world. Ferrari cars are also part of races like formula one due to their speed. In Dubai there is a place called Ferrari world in which people can enjoy the ride of Ferrari.

1. Bugatti Veyron -$1,700,000:

Most Expensive Cars Of The World

This car is the most powerful and fastest car of the world which is made of steel. This car is made by Volkswagen which is its parent company. It is a 16 cylinder car and on the top of most expensive cars of the world. It was also called Car of the decade by BBC which makes it more famous. Makers of this car make customized cars for the customers as per their demands and needs. It is called supercar. Many celebs such as Tom Cruise and Cristiano Ronaldo have this car as they can afford it. Bugatti is also most famous car of the world.


From the article above we conclude that these are the world top 10 expensive cars and their features. All the cars mentioned above are very expensive and with best features to target upper class as they are only affordable by them. They are expensive but we can see that they are so classy and luxurious cars which attract the customers. These expensive cars are mostly owned by famous celebs, sports persons etc as they earn more money as compared to other persons. As we can see almost all the cars which are expensive are sports cars because they are made for high speed with better quality which also increase their prices and make them more expensive than other cars. As competition in technology is increasing day by day so all companies are trying to use latest technology to make their products different from others so that can attract more and more customers as now people like to have latest automobiles. Some people are really fond of cars and always in search of which car is most expensive so this article will help them to know which cars on the list.