Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2015-2016

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2014

Since time immemorial most famous zoologists scientists have declared animals as the closest associate of the human beings, from the ruins of ancient civilizations and their mysterious cave and wall paintings it has been proven that animals of various kinds have been in association with mankind since 28000 BC. These animals have evolved a lot since this time but their ancestors like mammoths, serpents, cats, dogs, lizards, fishes, vultures and other types of animals are quite visible in the engraved paintings found in the Spanish, Mayan and Egyptian ruins. In the Indian history and culture the animals of different classes are considered to be holy and sacred and even worshiped as Gods. Same is the case with the Egyptian religious history where animals like cats have a very important place in temples. Keeping in view the large scale of animal history and science, there is a special field of study that is related to animals only. It is called zoology. This is an ancient science that has been taken up by various well known most famous zoologists of their times. There are certain living beings like yeast that are still present between the animal and plant category and have not been classified into any group. Most famous zoologists is a vast spread subject of study and those that are its students or experts are referred to as zoologists. Aristotle was the first scientist to make zoology as the formal science of animals by writing his book History of animals in 350 BC. Following is a list and small description of top ten most famous zoologists:

10. James Henry Fleming

James Henry Fleming is a Canadian by Nationality and is known all over the world for his great works in the field of zoology especially in ornithology also known as the study of birds. From his early age he was very much interested in birds and their species. He spent his entire life in studying and collecting specimens and samples of birds’ species totally to a large number of 32000. His private collection is one of the largest ornithological libraries of all times. After he died Flemming private collection was made part of the Royal Ontario Museum where it can be visited even today.

These were the names of top ten most famous zoologists and the brief description of the work that they have done over the span of their lives. The field and subject of zoology are very vast and widely spread. There are thousands of scientists that are working in this field and studying various aspects of animal behavior and lives. But those who have made history have made some of the greatest contribution in bringing out various kinds of evolutionary and discovery theories. They have made things much easier for the next generations to understand and pursue any further studies in the field of animals and zoology.

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2014

9. Frederick William Frohawk

Frederick William Fro hawk was a most famous zoologists artist and lepidopterist. He was one who wrote the book on butterflies called the Natural History of British Butterflies in 1914. He also has two other books under his name called the complete book of British butterflies and varieties of British butterflies.

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2014

8. Archie Carr III

Founder of the Cockscomb wildlife Sanctuary in Belize, Carr is an American most famous zoologists who worked in close allies with American Biology Expert Alan Rabbinate. He was especially active in the preservation and welfare of the various species of jaguars in the country.

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2014

7. Stephen Robert Irwin

Nick named by the scientific world as the crocodile hunter, Stephen is a fairly new but very popular animal lover in the world. An Australian by origin, he spent all his life in programming and making documentaries and films about animals especially crocodiles.

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2014

6. Richard Dawkins

Another English Naturalist that has entered the top ten most famous zoologists is Richard Hawkins. A great author and an expert in ethology and biology gained popularity through his amazing book called The Selfish Gene that came out in 1976. He was the one that introduced the gene centric theory of evolution and debuted the word meme in the evolution world.

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2014

5. David Attenborough

Sir David Fredrick is a famous broadcaster and nature lover. He conducted a complete life survey of the world and presented it in has books and programs called the Life series that was made in coordination with BBC Natural History Unit.

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2014

4. Dame Jane Morris Goodall

A United Nations messenger for peace, Dame Jane worked hard in the field of climatology, ethology and anthropology. She is one of the greatest specialists in the field of study related to chimpanzees. She spent 45 years of her life studying various aspects of these animals in Tanzania. She was the one who founded the Jane Goodall Institute and worked for the animal conservation and social welfare projects.

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2014

3. Dian Fossey

Americans have been most famous zoologists with the history and science of animals for a long time. They have great contributions in the subject. Dian Fosse is one such amazing zoologist who spends 18 years to study the patterns and behavior of gorilla groups. Residing in the thick forests of Rwanda, she spends all her time with the Gorillas and studied them carefully. She was the one who founded the Karissa Research Center.

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2014

2. Alfred Russel Wallace

Again a great scientist from the Great Britain, he is not only a naturalist but also a great explorer, geographer, anthropologist and biologist of his time. He was the first one to initiate the theory of evolution based on the natural selection process. It was his theory that inspired Charles Darwin to investigate and come with the origin of species.

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2014

1. Charles Darwin

Anyone who has studied biology at any level of education must have heard the name of Charles Darwin. Being English in origin, the famous naturalist presented his scientific theory about the evolution process of animals. His book Origin of Species is a bible in the field of zoology and was written in 1859.

Top 10 Most Famous Zoologists 2014