Top 10 Most Loved Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Most Loved Cartoon Characters

Cartoons are most important part of one’s childhood. They have become a way of learning for the students. Here i will talk about top 10 most loved cartoon characters of all timeCartoons are full of humor, mischiefs, naughtiness, and scientific knowledge and also full of moral lessons. There are many cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, mini mouse they are full of moral lessons. Similarly there some cartoon characters those are having super natural power they become inspiration for children to do good for the human beings like Superman , bat man etc. There is another category of cartoons that comes with human with super natural powers. All these categories are there for entertaining children but with the purpose of learning and knowledge. Well we have sort out these cartoon characters on the basis of their popularity in the whole world. Here are top 10 most loved cartoon characters of all time in the whole world. From kids to adults and from adults to olds; all are use equally like them and enjoy them.

  1. Pikachu

Most Loved Cartoon Characters

Pikachu is the main character in the pokeman series and loved by all the children in the whole world. He is at the 10th place in the list of most loved cartoon characters in the world.

  1. Goku

Most Loved Cartoon Characters

Goku is the Japanese cartoon character loved by the children as well as adults. It is all about the powers he has. He is basically derived from the character of Sun Wukong that is the lead character in the old chines novel Journey to the West. He is a monkey-tailed boy with lots of powers and strengths that makes him a super human. He is ranked at 9th number in the list of top 10 most loved cartoon characters of all time. He meets Bulma in her journey to find wish-granting Dragon Balls. He is loved by all the kids around the world so he is on the 9th place in the list of most loved and famous cartoon characters in the whole world.

  1. Batman

Most Loved Cartoon Characters

Bat man is another super hero of all time. Many children get fascinated by this Hero. Bat man is on the eighth position in our list. The character of bat man introduced by DC comics in 1939. The powers he has and the good deeds he does make him real inspiration for the young generations. That is why it is in the list of all-time favorite cartoons character in the world.

Top 7 Most Loved Cartoon Characters Of All Time

  1. Archie

Most Loved Cartoon Characters

Archie is on the seventh place in the list of all time most loved cartoon characters in the whole was first appeared on the TV screen in 941. This cartoon character is most likely about teenagers as they are showing their emotions mental state and habits. So it is liked by teen agers as well. They have earned a good repute and media coverage in the whole world.

  1. Super man

Most Loved Cartoon Characters

Super man is one of the most adventurous and courageous character. He is a super hero of all time and that is the reason that he is loved by the all children of the whole world. He was introduced in 1938 by DC comics. Because of its super natural powers it has become inspiration for many young kids. Superman is on the sixth place in the list of most loved cartoons of all time.

Top 5 Most Loved Cartoon Characters Of All Time

  1. Homer Simpson

Most Loved Cartoon Characters

Homer Simpson is the fifth most loved cartoon character in the whole is part of the Simpsons series a family with the naughty and foolish members. The character is loved by the adult as well as children. Homer was created by the cartoonist named Matt Groening. He was first appeared in the Tracey Ullman Show short “Good Night” on April 19, 1987.

  1. Scooby Do

Most Loved Cartoon Characters

Scooby do is holding forth place in the list of most famous cartoon characters of all time in the whole world. The character of tis mischievous come coward dog was conceived by the Ken Spears and Joe Ruby. it was on aired in the whole world in 1969. Since then it was loved by all children because of his stupid acts and mischiefs and he has great fan following in the whole world.

Top 3 Most Loved Cartoon Characters Of All Time

  1. Tom and Jerry

Most Loved Cartoon Characters

Tom and Jerry are holding third place in the list of most loved cartoon characters in the world. Tom and Jerry are two those cartoons who are loved not only by kids but adult also in the whole world without any age discrimination. They two were introduced in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara. These cartoons come with entertainment for the kids but also with a moral lesson to learn. A combination of furious fights and sweet love is what TOM & JERRY is all about.

  1. Bugs Bunny

Most Loved Cartoon Characters

Bugs bunny is the second most loved cartoon in the world by the kids. It was introduced by Warner Bros. in 1938. Bugs is famous for his role in Looney tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated short films. The very first movie in which bugs was introduced was Porky’s Hare Hunt from the warner Bros. it was released in 1940.

  1. Mickey Mouse

Most Loved Cartoon Characters

Mickey is one of the funniest characters introduced in 1928 by Walt Disney. Since then it has been a part of more than 130 movies that had entertained children a lot. The first movie in which mickey was introduced was Steamboat Willie. It was the first sound cartoon movie. Mickey Mouse has won 10 academy awards for best short films.