Top 5 Most Expensive Tech Accessories for Women

Expensive Tech Accessories for Women

Top 5 Most Expensive Tech Accessories for Women

We as a whole comprehend what ladies need. Extras; and the all the more sparkly and garish it is, the better. We’re talking precious stone encrusted anything. Gold rather than plastic. On the off chance that there’s an approach to knock up the luxury with our adornments, then knock it we will. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. The impact ladies have on the buys of hardware is enormous. Ladies are purchasing up customer gadgets quick! So quick, truth be told, they burned through $55 billion on gadgets in 2009, and the number keeps on developing. With 51% of private riches, more than half of stock possession, and over 60% of individual riches, all in America, having a place with ladies, it’s no big surprise ladies can manage the cost of a portion of the priciest innovation frill around.

The greater part of the accompanying adornments would be pain free income went through for ladies with loads of cash. Be that as it may, some of them are even reachable by the normal worker, if its all the same to you a go overboard or two. The accompanying are ten of the most costly tech embellishments for ladies. From originator packs and constrained version pieces to sumptuous materials and precious stone encrusted cases, these down to earth yet not really functional rushes will make your wallet anxious, and in light of current circumstances. The rundown ranges from several dollars to a huge number of dollars. Here is alist of top 5 Expensive Tech Accessories for Women.

  1. Chanel Laptop Case: $1,450Expensive Tech Accessories for Women

Yes. Chanel has made a hot pink, stitched lambskin case for fashionistas out there who need their tech accomplices to equal their architect handbags. Made to resemble their most great pack, this case has been punched up with a fly of shading. The sewing and unpretentious interlocking Cs make this sack a shocking, exceptional piece. Inside are two thin openings and a zipper pocket; the back has an opening pocket for any free papers; and the whole case closes with an overall zipper.

  1. Motorola Motopure H12 Bluetooth Headset: $6,547Expensive Tech Accessories for Women

With new “handsfree” laws rising everywhere throughout the U.S., bluetooth headsets have turned into a staple for the greater part of us, however they’ve generally seemed cumbersome. Commonsense. Until today. Motorola has made a constrained version, stunning shocker; the Motopure H12 Bluetooth Headset. It’s made from 18-carat gold and improved in more than 180 cut precious stones with the choice amongst white and yellow gold, making this consistently thing to a greater extent a gems ear piece than an innovative gadget, Expensive Tech Accessories for Women. Custom requests as it were.

  1. Lunatik iPod Nano Watch Case: $18,000Expensive Tech Accessories for Women

Purchasing the iPod Nano is a spending cordial approach to encounter the iPod incline. All things considered, the little device just expenses $149. Be that as it may, acquiring this white gold case from ZShock to show your Nano in isn’t. ZShock, a strength gems producing organization, makes imaginative, debauched bits of gems, for the most part brightening them in jewels. This Lunatik iPod Nano watch case is no special case. All around the watch’s fringe are hand-set precious stones. No big surprise it takes 3-4 weeks to make.

  1. Woman Blanche iPhone 4: $30,000Expensive Tech Accessories for Women

Likely the most anybody will ever spend (or ever need to spend, let’s be realistic) on an iPhone is the Lady Blanche iPhone 4 from Gresso. Not exclusively are there three Swiss tickers implanted looking into the issue back reading a clock for New York, Paris, and Moscow, yet each clock is determined to a pearl white common Antilliam mother-of-pearl La burgaudine dial. Which likewise highlights white precious stones. Include a strong precious stone covered mineral glass casing and many hours of work, and voila! You have a $30,000 iPhone.

  1. GnG’s Gold and Diamond iPhone 3G Case: $108,880Expensive Tech Accessories for Women

We’re talking debauched. Extravagant. Costly. German makers Gerrit Guggenberger and Martin Gadalla, who together make up German organization GnG, made a standout amongst the most costly iPhone cases for the over-the-beat well off purchaser. The extravagance piece took twelve months to create, and not exclusively is the “Brilliant Delicious” case made up of 140 grams of 18-carat gold, yet it additionally includes a carbon fiber decorate and around 200 jewels, Expensive Tech Accessories for Women. Gracious, and the logo on the external edge? It highlights 400 more precious stones also.

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