Top Ten Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken

Most Dangerous Selfies

Selfie has become a famous culture these days. In this article I will talk about top ten most dangerous selfies ever taken. Whenever you go outdoor on a daily routine, you will perhaps see one or two peoples taking selfie with their coffee or on a walk in any particular part of town or on a holiday. So easy, it is everywhere all the time. It is a simplest and easy tool that comes in near when you try to capture you and the full background without asking someone to take a shot. However to take all these selfies, you require to know the selfie tips. There are a few scenarios where it is simply a bad thing to pull your mobile and take selfie, regardless of how good you look. Below is a list of top ten most dangerous selfies ever taken.

10). Cliff Diving selfie

Most Dangerous Selfies

Water is an imaginary for all the human beings living on the earth. They are not aquatic. That’s why world’s most people may have jumped off some type of cliff at some time in their life, into the shiny water below. A lot of people try to keep it at fair sensible distance, with precipices that do not project out furthest, however generally it is once a lifetime type of experience. It is ranked at 10th number in the list of top ten most dangerous selfies ever taken. Although, when you gather enough bravery to do this, you require to exert all your power into leaping at the furthest distance from the rocks beneath. There is no require to waste it in trying to get an amazing selfie. Yet, this lady has extremely done this and we are appreciating his effort.

9). Underwater selfie

Most Dangerous Selfies

The sea is no doubt an unbelievable place. It is thrilling when you get an opportunity to go down the sea and see a lot of aquatic life swimming in water. But, you should keep in your mind where you fall on food chain. In this shot the man is all ready for his underwater searches however while taking this dangerous selfie, he did not spot the vast shark marauding around him in this photo. It is ranked at 9th number in the list of top ten most dangerous selfies ever taken. He might be a friendly giant who might desire to phot-bomb this human. However at the same time, we can also hear the Jaws theme tune and we know how that finished up. So be careful and don’t mess with giants.

8). Crane selfie in Bangalore

Most Dangerous Selfies

James Kingston is popular for his extreme pictures. He loves to take most dangerous selfies. If hazard is not involved, it would not be a stimulus for Kingston. You can also explore numerous of his dangerous selfies obtainable on internet. However this picture is quite exclusive in its own. That why we have choosen it for our list of top ten most dangerous selfies ever taken. It is ranked at 8th number in the list of top ten most dangerous selfies ever taken. In this picture, James Kingston has climbed up some kind of crane erection in Bangalore. With the help of wide angle camera and selfie stick, he has successfully taken this selfie showing full background in the photo.

Top 7 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken

7). Top of a building in Ukraine

Most Dangerous Selfies

Another dangerous selfie was taken by Russian adventurer Yarsolav Seheda. Now we absolutely imagine an adventurer doing such dangerous stunts. However doing these things with your friends is the most enjoyable thing. It is ranked at 7th number in the list of top ten most dangerous selfies ever taken. To get a best and attractive selfie, he along with his all friend climbed up a tallest tower in Ukraine. They took this silly thumbs-up dangerous selfie capturing both of them along with background.

6). Active volcano selfie

Most Dangerous Selfies

Lava is incredible, however from a far distance. The orthodox wisdom guides most people to run away from this awesome molten rock. However there are some radicals who adore to do the things that normal people do not dare to do even in their thoughts. George Kourounis posted a picture on his tweeter page with the head melting lava. It is ranked at 6th number in the list of top ten most dangerous selfies ever taken. He is wearing the security suit and carrying the mask of oxygen in order to keep himself secure from inhaling and burning carcinogenic gases discharged from lava. Still the point of heat cannot be overlooked. The man really did an foolish attempt to click this dangerous selfie at the mouth of bubbling volcano.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken

5). The Princess Tower selfie

Most Dangerous Selfies

This most dangerous selfie was taken by Alexander Remnev who is popular for his stunt photography at towers. His most popular picture along with his friend is the selfie on top of Princess Tower. It is the tallest residential building of the world which is 1350 feet high above the ground.

4). Top of Votive Church selfie

Most Dangerous Selfies

Mustang Wanted is a popular stunt performer who is well-known for his dangerous selfies and crazy photos. Among all of his most dangerous collections, this one is the perfect. As the selfie is taken from above angel so it is problematic to tell what thing he is standing upon. It is ranked at 4th number in the list of top ten most dangerous selfies ever taken. The photographer is standing on one of spires that are situated on the top of church. It is at a height of three hundred and twenty five feet in the air.

3). Fighter plane selfie

Most Dangerous Selfies

Suppose if you are driving at a velocity of 100 kilometers in one hour hurtling along the streets. You would certainly be strapped down in gear and holding strongly your steering wheel on ten and 2 o’ clock position. Now reread your dreams by a fighter plane hovering with multiples of high velocity, dashing along the clouds high above from earth. You perhaps do not dare to divert your eyes from where they must be positioned. However it is not the case with Royal Danish Air Force Pilot. The most dangerous part is that he is not helped with co-pilots. Taking the most dangerous selfies to entire new level, he took this dangerous selfie during his flight in a fighter plane. In this vast speed, a single wrong regulate could lead to death of pilot. He is driving solo and totally disregarding the rule to keep his eyes on path.

2). 1000 foot skyscraper selfie

Most Dangerous Selfies

It is not just a most dangerous selfie, however a complete selfie video. This selfie video was available in August 2014. In this video, three adolescences can be seen at the top of Hong Kong’s biggest building which is almost eleven hundred and thirty five feet high above the city. It is ranked at 2nd number in the list of top ten most dangerous selfies ever taken. Daniel Lau is the videographer of this selfie video who with the help of a wide angle camera lens and selfie stick made this dangerous video.

1). Statue Selfie on the top of Christ the Redeemer

Most Dangerous Selfies

Lee Thompson is the person who you can see in the list of top ten most dangerous selfies ever taken. He is the owner of The Flash Pack. It is quite common that a man who earns his livelihood by running an adventure travel company would be a fan of adventures by himself. Thompson convinced the Brazilian tourism board to permit him to climb this vast statue of Christ the Redeemer. It is a one hundred and twenty four feet tall statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He designed a group and took almost 30 minutes in order to climb this milestone. Finally, he reached his required point and took this historic selfie with Christ the Redeemer.

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