Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World

Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World


An automobile most expensive Lamborghini in the world is very much well known and popular S.P.A Italian based company for luxury sports cars and formerly SUVs, which is owned by the Volkswagen Group during its auxiliary brand audi. Its production facility and headquarters are based in Sant’Agata Bolognese in Italy. Provide opportunity to 831 employees and produced around 1,711 vehicles in 2011.

Ferruccio most expensive Lamborghini in the world built the industry in 1963 with the desire of producing luxury grand cars which can compete with offerings to settled and famous Marques such as Ferrari. This company represented its first model in 1960s which regarded for its fine beauty and refinement, speed and ease. The great brand gained much achievement for the Miura sports coupe, that recognized for it extreme stern mid engine, bring up wheel drive contain the standard design for high performance cars of the era.

Than most expensive Lamborghini in the world went down and down eventually got bankrupts at the time, Mimrans bought the company out of receivership by 1984 and invested greatly in the company’s development. Under the Mimrans’ administration, Lamborghini’s model line was extended successfully, the reason of success become the jalpa sports car and the LM002 high performance off-road vehicle. From now Lamborghini is a successful but owned by many others, and highly popular, luxury sports cars brand throughout the world.

Under we bring the ten most expensive Lamborghini in the world,

10. Diablo GTI- $1Million

This astounding craftsmanship piece has only two ever fabricated. The one miracle auto sold to Japan JLOC in the yearly Japanese GTC in 1997, and the second being shown at SAT manufacturing plant. This two-entryway roadster was basically made for large scale manufacturing, however Chrysler didn’t proceed onward it and after Audi has acquired the plant, the GTC arrangement was put to break in errand of the recently fabricated Diablo Gt and GTR.

Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World

9. Mansory Carbonado Apertos- $1.6 Million

The car is another wonder piece by Lamborghini. While the Mansory trademark embossed of lusterless carbon fiber for the car’s exterior, the feature which is also plant into the interior is nothing short of magnificent. However, black and yellow color leather adds extreme stylish look and its unique stitching pattern is also commendable. This master piece can easily defines and brief the highest standard of the Lamborghini brand.

Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World

8. Pregunda Concept- $2 Million

This one hyper car was the last car manufactured by most expensive Lamborghini in the world before the VW buy and the Audi brand grab its control at. The amazing car made and presented at the Paris and Geneva motor shows, it was called the fighter jets of 1960’s. It speed can exceed up to 202 mph is motorized by its 530 hp v12 engine. This car has specialty driven, otherwise some of the other Lamborghini concept cars.

Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World

7. Mansory Carbonado GT- $2 Million

This master car was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show; the panda colored body of 1,600 hp Carbonado GT is overwhelming and commendable. The Aventador LP700-4, modernized into a completely different auto. The admirable changes turn in the body panels that are created from carbon fiber, and the fenders. While superior engine has ability with a 6.5 liter V12 engine, Mansory put forward the modified engine is responsible for its extremely remarkable performance. It speed up to 230 mph and has tendency to go for 0-60 in 2.1 seconds.

Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World

6. Reventon Roadster- $2.2 Million

As the name demonstrated reventon implies, little blast, a concise depiction of the marvel auto. This flawless most expensive Lamborghini in the world Reventon Roadster was displayed at the 2007 Frankfurt Engine Show. It was a standout amongst the most lavish Lamborghini at the time and computed its most noteworthy speed in Dubai at 221 mph. aggregate number of these stunning autos were just 21 made; 20 indicated available to be purchased and that all were sold while the one shows at Lamborghini Historical center. This auto comprises mid-motor; four-wheel drive auto has capacity of 6.5 liter V12 motor furthermore a 6-rate manual transmission.

Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World

5. Sesto Elemento Concept- $2.8 Million

The colossal Lamborghini exhibited at the 2001 Paris Vehicles expo. Its dynamic blueprint used sharp quirks which deliver an altogether zippier look to this V10 570 hp auto that made up to 185 mph with its 6-pace transmission. The carbon fiber used all through the auto and there are 20 separate units that were later made in 2011.

Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World

4. Aventador J- $2.8 Million

This is another one-off Lamborghini and was built and introduced in 2012. The Aventador J looks like a piece of art and it comes with an interesting story. When Designer Filippo Perini was interviewed by Top Gear, he confessed that this car was designed and built in six weeks. Yet, this auto is completely road-legal and made from the sturdiest components. With a 6.5 liter V12 engine, this baby goes up to 185 mph. Although it debuted at the Geneva auto show, it was purchased by an unnamed Lamborghini aficionado.

Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World

3. Egoista Concept- $3 Million

The Egoista was demonstrated toward the end of Lamborghini’s brilliant celebration drive. The drive at the occasion was a piece of the festival in which 350 Lamborghini’s taken an interest in bubbly. The head of Lamborghini Stephen Winkelmann uncover this model called, Egoista. This origination auto was arranged by Volkswagen outline boss, Walter De Silva. It contains 5.2 liter V10 motor is upgrade the performance auto experience.

Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World

2. Veneno- $5.3 Million

This Lamborghini Veneno has a name that signifies “venom” in Spanish. On the off chance that that lets you know anything about the enormous awful execution of this auto, here’s the details to back it up the auto has some remarkable capacities like, 6.5 liter V12 motor, 740 hp, 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, and pace surpass to 220 mph and a 7-velocity self-loader transmission.

Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World

1. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster- $5.6 Million

At last, Lamborghini uncovered that was thought to be the most extravagant auto on the planet, the Veneno Roadster. This is an alternate constrained version hypercar which is planned like a race auto with street legitimate parts and development. This hypercar has the best speed 221 mph that is considered as quick as an issue plane. It contains 6.5 liter V12 motor and can go from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds, additionally there were just nine restricted autos planned.

Top Ten Most Expensive Lamborghinis In The World


What super amazing hyper cars there are, truly unbelievably stunning and desirable beauty maintained. Who is here that do not want to drive or have these cars. I am truly in love with Lamborghini world class brand.

Which cars do you like the most?